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Easter for 2018 is almost here......And your Easter Dog Treats are now available.

Easter Dog Treats by Huds and Toke

Easter is sooo close.

Hard to believe!

But not to worry, we have a great range of Australian Made Easter Dog Treats for your customers to stock up on.

The Easter Break is an awesome time of year. Many people will be taking sometime off and celebrating the Easter Period with their families and friends.......AND this includes their pets!

So get into the festivities and stock up on these cool Gourmet Dog Treat products so they can enjoy the fun with their pets.....

You will be surprised how many people will appreciate you having these products.....

Easter Dog Treats

Check out the product photos here and see what cool products you think you and your customers would enjoy?

100% Australian made by the team at Huds and Toke!

Feel free to call us or email us for a price list.

Have a great week and thank-you for your support from the team @ Active Pet Products.

Australian made Dog Treats

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