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Chicken Pet Treats

100% Australian Made Chicken Pet Treats.

These treats are specifically designed for Chooks, or Chickens, and are a great way to add diversity into their diet and to bond with them.

Chickens are hard to envisage as a traditional pet, however there is a solid trend within Australia, and indeed Europe and America where Chickens are becoming more and more accepted as a pet.

They are still considered functional though!  Which means people still want them to produce eggs for their personal consumption.......So with this in mind, one has to be careful that they are treated with the appropriate food to accommodate this.

Because these are specifically designed for Chickens, or Chooks, you can bond with them, pamper them, and also collect their eggs!!!!

Now that is an awesome relationship between Humans and Animals.

Great for teaching the young ones about where their food comes from as well whilst giving them time to enjoy the benefits of a pet!

Also good for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs,and sheep etc... 

Any pet who is a herbivore really.

These products can really add that extra level of range and service to your customers.

Huds and Toke Chook Lolly Pet Treat

HUDS AND TOKE CHOOK LOLLY PET TREAT FOR CHICKENS Designed specifically for Chickens. Adds awesome variety in their diet. A great way to encourage the young ones to interact with the Pet Chickens (Chooks). More interaction means the quieter they get. Made with Vitamins and Minerals to help encourage egg laying. 100% Australian Made with NO Artificial Preservatives

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