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It can be difficult to understand new innovations sometimes. It can be even harder to adopt them.

But, if you can take a step back and consider what is new, sometimes you will see how much better things have been developed.

I say this because the team at Huds and Toke have developed an amazing new innovation which really changes the way Gourmet dog treats and Pet treats are sold around the country.

It seems like such a simple innovation, however it really sets the Huds and Toke Dog Treat products apart from the others.

The innovation I am talking about is the NO MELT frosting.

The traditional, older, coatings which only used Carob or Yogurt have a couple of major limitations and flaws.

Firstly, they MELT! The traditional Coatings melt as soon as there is some heat! Like NOW!

Secondly; They tend to sweat and smudge whilst in their packaging. Hence damaging both the look of the product as well as damaging the actual physical product.

Thirdly; They need refridgeration to stay intact, which also discolours the products.


Fourthly, the old coatings are limited to two colours..... white and brown!!!

This new formulae, which only Huds and Toke have developed:

  • Will Not Melt

  • Will Not Smudge

  • Will Not Sweat

  • Vibrant, groovy colours.

NO MELT Gourmet Dog Treats

Further to this, they have greatly improved it’s health benefits:

  • No Sugar

  • No Fat

  • No nasty preservatives.

Take a look at this clip to see the difference.


This new product allows us to distribute these Gourmet Dog treats around Australia in ANY weather with ANY TEMPERATURE and WITHOUT the need to Refridgerate.

So you can buy them in the middle of Summer…… and they will look as if they have just been made.

So what has happened?

Essentially, and importantly to you guys, the shops, they have made the products shelf stable, and resilient in transit!


  1. Products will get to you looking as good as it did when it leaves the factory;

  2. It will NOT MELT

  3. It will NOT smudge or sweat in packaging (either in store or in customers car on the way home)

  4. It is healthy

  5. Greater vibrant and innovative range.

Gourmet Dog Treats

So why hasn’t a big company done this…….well, the big guys are “Commoditisers”, and us little guys a called “innovators”……

Huds and Toke specifically set out to achieve this. It take persistence, determination and an amazing amount of patience and foresight to invent such a product.

The big guys don’t do this.

But that’s ok……… That’s why us little guys exist……to create great things and to push boundary’s!

So be sure to keep supporting us. There are not many Australian Manufacturers left!

Given the chance, we can keep providing you with amazing products.

So remember, when we say NO MELT…..we mean NO MELT……….

We guarantee it so give us a try if you are sceptical! We stand behind the product and will replace it free of charge.

But remember, ONLY the Huds and Toke products have this. The NO MELT Coasting IS NOT out on the open market.

Sooo if someone tells you their stuff is no melt…..ask them if it is Huds and Toke just to be sure!!!!

If it’s not Huds and Toke; it won’t be no melt!

The team at Active Pet Products are happy to talk with you further about all the details of these treats.

Have a great week and contact us to find out more or to place an order.

All the best from the team @ Active Pet Products.

Australian Dog Treats and Pet Treats
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