Horse Training Treats & Horse Cookies

100% Australian Made Horse Treats & Horse Cookies.

Our Horse Treats are ideal to use when training or just as a general reward because you love your horse or pony.

All of the Horse Products on offer are made by Huds and Toke Pty Ltd.  The Original, and the best, Australian Horse Treat Company.

The ownership of Horses in Australia is increasing.  With that in mind, owning a horse is also wrapped up in the humanisation of pets phenomena sweeping the globe.  So regardless of the past, many people would be surprised just how many "towns folk" actually own, and love, a horse!

These products can really add that extra level of range and service to your customers.

Every Horse Deserves Huds and Toke Horse Treats - Creating Awesome Memories.

Of course, keep in mind that these treats are also perfect for any pet which is a herbivore.  Including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, even Mice etc...

Active Pet Products

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