Small Animal Pet Treats

100% Australian Made Small Animal Pet Treats.

These treats are specifically designed for small animal pets and are a great way to add diversity into their diet and to bond with them.

Great for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, and sheep etc... 

Any pet who is a herbivore really.

All of the Small Animal Pet Products on offer are made by Huds and Toke Pty Ltd.  Where they Aim to "Create Awesome Memories" with the pets in our lives regardless of the type of pet they are.

The ownership of small animal pets in Australia is increasing.  Especially when you consider smaller dwellings plus the humanisation of pets phenomena sweeping the globe.  It may be surprising just how many people have a small animal as a pet!

And these pets still need to be loved!

These products can really add that extra level of range and service to your customers.

Active Pet Products

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