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Try the Halloween Dog Treats for some Fun?

Freaky "Fake" Blood splattered Dog Treats

We have already discussed why Halloween is a great business opportunity in our last article, however do you know what it is all about and why it is even celebrated?

It started over 2000 years ago and for very different reasons than whay we celebrate today!

Take a read of this article if you want to know more!

In this brief little piece, we wanted to just highlight, as we said we would in the last blog, what products Active Pet Products will have available for the Halloween Period.

We have the following Gourmet Dog Treats available for Halloween:

Creepy Cookies

Creepy Cookies Halloween Dog Treats

A tasty Halloween themed cookie with a peanut butter base. Colourful NO-MELT Yoghurt frosting with BOO or a Skull on top.

Sold in a box of 30

Or a Creepy 3pce hang cell bag.

Skull and Bones

Freaky "Fake" Blood splattered Dog Treats

Made with NO-MELT Yoghurt Frosting, this Halloween 3 piece features one skull cookie and two blood splattered bones.

Sold in only a 3pce hang cell bag

Freaky "Fake" Blood splattered Bones

Freaky Blood Splattered Bones Dog Treat

Specially designed for Halloween! A tasty peanut butter base bone frosted in NO-MELT Yoghurt Frosting Splattered in Blood Coloured Frosting.

Sold only in a 30 piece box.

Mix and match these together and you'll have a great offering for your customers over the Halloween period.

Remember, you may not be into it, but 1 in 5 Australians will be celebrating Halloween wether you like it or not. Why not be a part of it???

Feel free to contact us if you want any information about these, or any of our Pet Treats. We would be happy to help.

Thanks from all the team @ Active Pet Products.

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