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Be prepared……NOT scared!

Amazon is coming. This is the reality. But what does this mean to the Pet Industry and to Pet Treats?

Active Pet Products is getting prepared for Amazon

Well, lets take a look at a few simple facts to put some things into perspective. Needless to say, bet against Amazon at your own peril!

But keep a few things in mind.

  1. The thing that Amazon doesn’t have is YOU and your Passion and knowledge

  2. You can control your customers experience.

  3. Not everyone wants to shop online.

Lets have a high level look at Amazon shall we?

  1. Amazon as a company is worth around $500 Billion.

  2. The E-commerce Industry within Australia is worth approx. $32.6 Billion.

  3. Amazon is responsible for changing the way people shop in the largest consumer market in the world – USA.

  4. Amazon has an option which guarantees delivery within 2 days anywhere within Australia.

  5. Amazon will be here sooner than you think.

  6. It will change retail in Australia.

Essentially, Amazon is a behemoth which has the ability to change consumer habits.

It will apply its model to Australia and there is nothing any of us can do to change this.

What does this mean to the Pet Industry?

Put simply, it means change!

Consumer habits will change, some of these changes will be for the better, and some will be far more challenging. In-fact, any industry revolving around retail will be challenged. This goes for Logistic businesses, consumer businesses, service based businesses, electronic businesses, the works.

There will also be some exciting opportunities that will present themselves as well. It may even be highly advantageous to small, independant, businesses such as the ones the pet industry is built upon?

What-ever the case, there isn’t any need to be scared if you are prepared.

There are many things one can do within their own establishment to become prepared.

Here are some of my simple thoughts:

  • Increase your communication with your customers.

  • Increase, or change, your customer service levels.

  • Consider your online offering.

  • Look at more unique product ranges

  • Pet treat products made by Huds and Toke can help with this so to can Active Pet Products

  • Increase the level of knowledge for you and your staff about animals and the products you sell.

  • Consider service based products within your retail business.

  • Improve your staffs working experience (give them a reason to get better at what they do….sales)

  • Focus intensely on your business.

  • Remember, change can be scary but it can present great opportunities.

These are just some ideas.

The key is, not to worry, but be aware that change is going to happen within the Australian retail environment whether we like it or not.

Huds and Toke Pet Treats working to give awesome Treats

This may not happen quickly, or it could happen quicker than anyone expects.

But that’s out of our hands……

So the best thing we can do as an industry and as small businesses is focus intensely on our own businesses and be prepared…..

Remember, change can present wonderful opportunities just as much as it can be uncomfortable.

After all, that’s what we have control over.

Have a great week, and if you need a pet treat order, or some more dog treats, feel free to email us an order or give us a call.

Also, if you would like to discuss our innovative products to help with your preparation please feel free to discuss with us. We want to help you as best we can.

After all, we are all in the same boat here!

All the best from the team @ Active Pet Products.

Awesome Dog Treats

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