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An Adult Dog has 42 Teeth!

An adult Dog has approximately 42 teeth! 22 in the lower jaw and 20 in the upper!

Gourmet Dog Treats by Huds and Toke are specifically designed

Further to this, the Canine teeth on the bottom jaw are actually used, among other things, to help stop the dogs tongue from falling out! So it forms a cradle of sorts!

Amazing to think about a dogs jaw is more than just a place where food goes into and a "Bark" comes out of???

It's this knowledge that the team at Huds and Toke take into consideration as they design specific Pet Treats for your dog.

With this in mind, it must be said that the design team there take each type of animals specific dietary needs and physiology into account with all their gourmet pet treats.

So it goes without saying that each type of Pet Treat made by Huds and Toke has been designed specifically for that type of animal.

Focusing on why the Gourmet Dog Treats are as dense and as firm as they are is one important feature which if you can understand, will help with discussing such products with your customers.

It is important to understand that Active Pet Products does its utmost to provide awesome Australian made products.

As part of this, we also want to help educate both yourselves and your staff about certain features of pet treats which are often overlooked, but will make a difference once understood.

Further more, we want to show how Huds and Toke stand out from the crowd.

Go to this article recently written to get a better understanding of the Gourmet Pet Treat world and the things one needs to take into account when designing these treats.

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you need more Pet Treats or have any questions.

Have a great week from the team @ Active Pet Products.

Australian made Gourmet Dog Treats

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