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Why we work for ourselves in the Pet Industry.

Sometimes things get so crazy that we, as small business people, get so over whelmed with everything that we all forget why we actually went into business for ourselves.

In an article by Jay Goltz published in The Financial Review I found some good reminders about why, indeed, we have decided to take this path.

Perhaps not every reason is in this, but I can’t help thinking that sometimes we all need to remind ourselves of those reasons and if these can be some sort of catalyst, then that is a very positive outcome…..

So often, things seem so hard……so to remember why we chose these challenges is a great way to help get perspective, as well as inspiration, and motivation for the future.

Reasons to work for ourselves include:

  • · You know you can do something better.

· You enjoy making customers happy. · You embrace self-determination. · You like an adventure. · You like figuring things out. · You can create your own world. · You really can create jobs. · You may be able to coast a little once it works. · You will never hit a glass ceiling. · You can leave a legacy.

We entered into Pet Treats, and manufacturing of Pet Treats, because of all of the above, plus a few more which I will keep private to the Active Pet Family………

I regularly reflect on our reasons.

In-fact, these are the very things which allows us to keep expanding our business in a really tough environment.

I trust this has helped. If you want to read more on this go to this article. It’s really interesting.

If you need more pet treats please feel free to contact us.

All the best from the team @ Active Pet products.

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