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Pet Treats, Loyalty and Customer Experience.....A Simple Question???

Australian Dog Treats

It sounds like an obvious thing to say………Customers are the most important aspect of our business……..however, it is surprising how often, and easy, it is to forget this; and to forget about how important their continued support, or loyalty, really is!

Importantly, now more than ever, as small business people, we need to focus on the very fact that we are now in the age of the customers.

And Customers want a lot in this day and age....... Innovative Dog Treats and Pet treats can really help with this expectation.

As Forrester vice-president Moira Dorsey said in 2012: “The only source of sustainable competitive advantage is customer experience. Delivering experiences that meet or beat customer expectations is worth real money.”

So why is this an area we should be showing a great deal of focus? I have summarised an article from the BRW to help:

Because of these reasons, us, at Active Pet Products, and small business owners need to focus.

1. Everything is getting commoditised…….Hence Customer service/experience is one of the only lines of defence from commoditisers.

2. Customers have never had more access to information…….as such, they now have all power….. Customers can price check using their phones whilst in the shop, they can information research using the same devices and google, they can check other reviews on both you and products……they can choose quickly. Therefore, our experience must exceed their expectations.

3. There has never been so much choice on products, purchasing channels, and information….

So perhaps we should all be thinking about what Customer loyalty means to our business and in what form can we foster this loyalty rather than purely “customer service”?

What does our experience say about our business? Can our shopping experience create loyalty and how can we control this new paradigm?

Wow………. What ever happened to the easy question of customer service?

In this new world of data and inter-connectivity, staying the same is not an option for future success.

On the flip side, it is exciting to think that if we create a unique, consistent experience; we can re-invigorate customer loyalty, and as such, the excitement of increased success because of this is something to really get motivated about…….the thinking may be boring, but the delivery of our respective strategies to create and define this loyalty, can be a lot of fun.

I understand this isn’t about Pets, Pet Treats or Pet Products……however, using innovative pet products, such as gourmet pet treats, as part of your product mix can really add value to this whole customer experience.

I hope this is of some use to you. It is something us at Active Pet Products think about intensely.

Check out this link to read further into the customer loyalty issue.

Have a good week.

Russell Gibbons and the team @ Active Pet Products

Australian Pet Treats

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