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In a recent article out of the USA it has been noted that: "Consumers are still saying they are spending more on pet products than they used to, according to a recent survey by Packaged Facts. And, much of that growth is in the pet treat market, according to David Sprinkle".

As we tend to follow the trends in the US by roughly 3-5 years, this is very encouraging for all those involved in the Pet Food and Treat industry. Especially the retailers as it is showing, from an Australian perspective, that the market here domestically still has some exciting opportunities over the coming years. Further to this, the article in this link about pet treats goes on to discuss the opportunities for innovation within the pet treat market expanding on products for cats and more interesting innovative products from high quality manufacturers and suppliers. Active Pet Products in partnership with Huds and Toke Pty Ltd are two businesses which are focused on designing and manufacturing, and as such supplying, innovative products for the pet treat market which includes Cats, Horses, Guinea pigs, Rabbits and of course, dogs. It is important to keep an eye on trends overseas as it gives indications of what is happening here but more importantly, it helps identify opportunities for you as retailers. We strive to keep up with overseas trends and keep developing new and improved products for your customers loved pets. The more you can supply your customers with innovative, high quality, Australian made products, the more likely they are to stay loyal to you as they are motivated to keep coming into your store to see what you have on offer for them. Do yourself a favour and check out the large range of Pet Treats at both Active Pet Products and Huds and Toke. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great week and I hope this gives you some positive inspiration for your business.


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