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Healthy Pet Treats with Turmeric

At Active Pet Products, we aim to bring to Australia the latest and most innovative pet treats for all our animal friends.......not just puppy dogs........ We now stock pet treats for Horses, chickens, rabbits and other small animals, plus pussy cats too. We use the best suppliers available and aim to use Australian manufactures at all times. One such business also uses ingredients which have health benefits included in their pet treats.... Huds and Toke design, create and manufacture unique Australian made pet treats for a wide variety of animals from Horses, to dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and other small animals.

They aim to use high quality ingredients and where possible, ingredients which add health benefits to the animals they are designed for.

Turmeric is one such ingredient which Huds and Toke use in many of their treats.

This spice is thousands of years old and spans multiple cultures and because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, is proving to have really positive effects for a wide range of health issues.

Turmeric is also a rich source of vitamin C, E, and B6 as well as containing minerals such as Iron and Potassium.

Herbalist and Nutritionist Stephanie Berglin commented in an article recently that “the active ingredient in turmeric, cur-cumin, has been used for medical purposes in India for centuries. With over 4000 scientific articles to support its benefits, cur-cumin has been shown to be useful in providing antioxidant support, maintenance of healthy digestive function, as well as boasting a strong anti-inflammatory profile…..”

For these reasons , the team at Huds and Toke use ingredients like this, to provide useful benefits to our animal family members so that their pet treats are not just for the taste……..they are also for health benefits as well.

Turmeric in these Pet Treats by Huds and TOke

These Little Chicken Bites are made not only with Real Chicken but also with a healthy dose of natural Turmeric.

Active Pet Products have a range of Gourmet Dog Treats and Gourmet Pet Treats with healthy ingredients such a Turmeric, Coconut, Black Pepper, Spirulina etc....

If you want more information on what products we stock which have turmeric included please feel free to contact us at Active Pet Products or the team at Huds and Toke Pty Ltd. If you would like more information on Turmeric go to as a good starting point.

Have a great week and thank-you for your support from the team @ Active Pet Products.

Australian Pet Treats

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