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Vegetarian Treats for Dogs

Veggie Ear Dog Treat

Veggie Ear Dog Treats are made to look like a pig ear but are made with zero meat. A great alternative to giving your puppy a pig ear. You can even cut it in half if you wanted to control portion sizes better.


Veggie Tubes Dog Treats are Fat Free and super healthy for any dog. Made with real vegetables such as Carrot, Corn, Beetroot and Apple. They are designed to crunchy and won't make a mess in your pocket. No Fat, made with real Veggies and high in fibre. A great Pet Treat which is an awesome alternative to Meat Treats.

Vegetarian Dog Treats seem a little strange, however they are, in-fact, very popular.

Being a vegetable based product, they are low in fat, non-greasy and don't possess any untoward smells.

So if you have a dog which has a pancreatic issue, is a bit overweight or just needs a bit of extra fibre in they diet, then these treats are perfect.

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