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Pork Treats

Pork Treats are the industry standard in Treats.  All dogs seem to like Pork treats.  They are tasty and full of flavour.  Further to this, the Pork Treats on offer can be great for Boredom busting because they can take a while to consume.

Check out what we offer, and remember, these photos are indicative as there are always natural variations when dealing with Natural Meat Products.

Pork Treats are awesome Dental Chews for your dog and a great Dog Treat for your store to stock.

Pig Ears Dog Treat

Pig Ears are the age old favourite Dog Treat in Australia. They do make a wonderful tasty dog chew and can be used for boredom busting in smaller breeds. The bigger dogs love them as well but take less time to consume it. These come in a box of 100. Can be sold individually or bundled up. A truly great dog treat and dental chew for any dog.

Pig Ear Strips Dog Treats

Pig Ear Strips Dog Treats are a great reward for any occasion. They are simply strips from a pig ear. Being in smaller strips, it is easy to give as a reward to be consumed quickly. Ideal for any sized dog. Portion control is easy. 100% Australian Pork Dog Treat.


Pork Trotter Splits Dog Treats are a juicy, meaty, yet crunchy dog chew which any puppy will love. Full of meaty goodness and split for ease of eating. You get 15 to a bag and can be sold individually. 100% Australian Pork. A great dog Treat and Dental Chew.


Pork Bones dog treats are great for dental health. Each Bone is individually wrapped for your convenience. 100% Australian Pork and a great Pet Treat for Dental Health. Perfect for medium to large sized dogs.

Pork Snouts Dog Treats

Pork Snouts Dog Treats are and awesome little chewy treat which is 100% Meaty Pork. Great for small to medium dogs and easy to manage Portion control. A great Dog Treat and Dental Chew with heaps in a packet.


PIG EAR SHAPES DOG TREATS These pet treats are a great alternative to pig ears. They are pork hid shaped into a pig ear shape. Being actual pork hide, it doesn't have the fat content a pig ear does. A great boredom buster as it takes ages for the pooch to chew all the way through it. Individually wrapped so you can store it in the cupboard and to minimise any smells or greasy fingers. A great Pork Hide Dog Treat for any size dog.

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