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Natural Fish Dog Treats

Fish is a wonderfully healthy alternative to give your dogs and cats.

It is full of Nutrition and high in Omega's and essential vitamins.

Active Pet Products Source our Fish Pet Treats from Australian Suppliers.

Take a look at the range we offer and as always, please remember, these images are intended as a guide as there will always be a certain amount of natural variations when dealing with natural fish products.


MACKEREL FISH TAILS DOG TREAT. 100% Australian Mackerel. High in healthy Omegas which are great for dogs joints, skin and shiny hair! These are a great chew for small to medium dogs which are super healthy.


SALMON & BEETROOT MERINGUE GOURMET DOG TREAT Made with Real Salmon and Beetroot for health benefits. Shaped in round smooth pieces, it is crunchy and tasty with a light texture, like a meringue. Excellent for those people who do not like handling meat products. It is smooth to the touch and easy to have in a pocket or little bag ready for reward time. Crunchy yet light with maximum flavour. 100% Australian made with no preservatives or sugar added.


VITA-POP DOG CHEW GOURMET DOG TREAT are an awesome wheat free pet treat. This is Shark Cartilage dipped in Yogurt Frosting and then sprinkled with a Nutrition Packed Beetroot Powder. 100% Australian Fish and Australian Made. Super healthy Low Fat dog treat which is awesome for Dental Hygiene in any sized dog.


LITTLE FISH BITES DOG TRAINING TREAT Dog Treat or Cat Treat - specially designed for dog training, with a light and easy one bite crunch that dog keep coming back for.. Packed with lots of yummy fish. Even your Cat will enjoy these crunchy treats. Also great for using in the boredom buster toys or treat toys. Low in fat - high in flavour - the dogs or cats will love!! 100% Australian Made with NO Artificial Preservatives and REAL FISH

Cartilage Trim Seafood Dog Treat

Cartilage Trim Seafood Pet Treat is similar to the Shark Cartilage product only much thinner. Ideal for smaller Breeds or younger puppies. Full of delicious nutrients. 100% Australian Fish Seafood Dog Treat.

Flake Strips Seafood Dog Treats

Flake Strips Seafood Pet Treats are full of rich Omegas and nutrition. These pieces are bigger than the Fish Nibble so perfect as a reward or Training Treat for medium to Larger Dogs. 100% Australian Fish Seafood Dog Treat

Fish Nibbles Seafood Dog Treat

Fish Nibbles Seafood Dog Treat and Cat Treats are super healthy pieces of fish sourced from Australian Waters. The pieces are hard and easy to handle. They make a perfect training treat or reward. Great for any sized dog and full of healthy goodness and low in fat. 100% Australian Fish Seafood Pet treat Ideal for Cats as well.

Mackerel Twists Seafood Dog Treats

Mackerel Twists Seafood Dog Treats are designed to be a chew which takes a while to eat. Dried Mackerel Skin is twisted around each other. Great for Dental Health and ideal for young or old dogs and best suited to the smaller breeds. 100% Australian Fish and full of nutrition. A super healthy Seafood Dog Treat Dental Chew

Shark Cartilage Dog Treat

Shark Cartilage Dog Treat makes a awesome dental chew. It is great for the health of the gums and teeth. This is the left overs of the human consumption fish industry so all shark cartilage is a bi-product and would be left to waste if not for this. Really healthy and suitable for any sized dogs.

Ocean Fish Dog Treats

Ocean Fish is a nutritious seafood pet treat. It comes in chunks which are quite hard and crunchy. Full of the natural goodness of ocean fish. 100% Australian Ocean Fish dog treat.

Green Lip Mussels Dog Treat

Green Lip Mussels Dog Treats are a Pet Treat loaded with Glucosamine and other nutritious elements. Perfect as a reward or more of a functional treat as some of the benefits of mussels are for joint health. So perfect for older dogs or dogs with an injury. 100% Green Lip Mussel Dog Treat with no artificial preservatives. Great for Cats as well.

Tuna Dog Treat

Tuna Dog Treat is a nutritious seafood Pet treat ideal for training and rewarding. It can be broken easily into smaller pieces to suit the requirement of the occasion. Full of Omegas and Essential vitamins. 100% Australian Tuna Fish Pet Treat which is great for Cats as well.

Fish Hide Dog Treat

Fish Hide Dog Treat is an awesome Dental Chew for any dog. The perfect alternative to Raw-Hide as it is all natural, 100% fish and can be eaten by any dog. Full of Omegas and essential vitamins this is a great boredom busting Pet Treat suitable for any sized dog. They come in a large size, for bigger dogs, and a smaller size for the medium and smaller breeds. 100% Australian Fish with no artificial preservatives added. A super healthy Dog Treat which makes a great Dental Chew.

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