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Chicken Dog Treats

Chicken is a wonderful Pet Treat to give to any dog, or cat, for that matter.

It is highly nutritious and is easily digested.

As always, with Dried meaty Dog Treats and Pet Treats, there a certain amount of natural variation.  As such, the images here are a guide.

Remember, the products are not designed as Pet Food.  Although they are nutritious and can supplement your pets diet, ensure you always provide adequate Pet Food and water.

Chicken Stick Dog Treat

Chicken Sticks are a soft treat made up of Chicken in a chicken sausage form. Ideal to break into smaller pieces or to give as a whole portion. Quite soft for good for puppies and older dogs with sensitive Gums and Teeth. You get 25 pieces in a packet so it is easy to control the portions.

Chicken Breast Dog Treat

Chicken Breast Dog Chew is perfect for training or simply to give as a reward. Really Tasty and highly nutritious. Break it into smaller pieces of give in one larger piece for your Fur Baby to enjoy all to themselves. Great for any size dog or any age.

Chicken Neck Dog Treat

Chicken Necks are perfect for smaller dogs and Puppies or Older dogs with softer mouths. Chicken Necks are crunchy and easy to eat. Great as a dental chew in smaller dogs. 100% Australian Chicken with No Artificial Preservatives.

Chicken Micro Bones Dog Treats

CHICKEN MICRO BONES DENTAL DOG CHEWS are made with Chicken Meat and are a semi-moist meaty dog treat. Shaped like a little bone and ideal for training and rewarding. Perfect for small to medium dogs. 100% Australian Made


CHICKEN DENTAL BONES DOG TREATS are a delicious semi-moist treat made with real Chicken Meat. Specifically shaped to help provide Dental Health to any sized puppy. Great for medium to large dogs these are chewy full of meaty flavour. Soft enough for those dogs which have sensitive gums yet hard enough to aid in gum and Teeth health. 100% Australian Made.


CHICKEN MERINGUE GOURMET DOG TREATS A delicious baked treat based on Whole Australian Chicken with Turmeric added for health benefits. Shaped in round smooth pieces, it is crunchy and tasty with a light texture, like a meringue. Excellent for those people who do not like handling meat products. It is smooth to the touch and easy to have in a pocket or little bag ready for reward time. Crunchy yet light with maximum flavour. 100% Australian made with no preservatives additives or sugar added.


LITTLE CHICKEN BITES TRAINING TREATS Dog Treat or Cat Treat - specially designed for training, with a light and easy one bite crunch that dogs keep coming back for.. Packed with lots of yummy Chicken Meat. Even your Cat will enjoy these crunchy treats. Also great for using in the boredom buster toys or treat toys. Low in fat - high in flavour - the dogs or cats will love!! 100% Australian Made with NO Artificial Preservatives and REAL Chicken Meat.


CHICKEN STICKS DOG TREATS Made from Australian Chicken meat into a sausage. Meaty and delicious with all the health benefits of Chicken Meat. A great treat for training and rewards as you can snap off small pieces really easily. 25 in a packet. 100% Australian Chicken Meat Dog Treats


CHICKEN NECKS DOG TREATS Chicken Necks are ideal for small to medium dogs as a reward of in-between meal time snack. Perfect for portion control. They get all the goodness from whole chicken including aiding in dental hygiene as well. Crunchy and Chewy. Older dogs with sensitive teeth will love them as well. 100% Australian Chicken Meat dog treats


CHICKEN BREAST DOG TREAT Dried Chicken Breast is perfect for training as you can break it up into smaller pieces to give as a healthy reward. All the benefits which come from Australian Chicken Meat. Ideal for any size dog. 100% Australian Chicken Dog Treat

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