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Beef Products

Beef Dog Treats are a great natural way to give your puppy something special as well as to help with boredom busting.

Active Pet Products have a healthy range of Natural Beef Dog Treats.  

Take a look at our range.  Just remember, all photos are indicative only.  When dealing with natural meat based products there will always be some natural variations.


Twinkle Toes Cow Hooves are Hooves with a difference! The all Australian Cow Hooves are drizzled with no melt frosting which adds another level of fun to the Dog Treat which is a Cow Hoof. Your puppy will take ages to lick off the frosting while it happily chews away at the rest of it. Great for boredom busting and safe for all ages and breeds. No bones or bone fragments to cause damage. 100% Australian Made with no added sugar or preservatives.


COW HOOVES DOG TREATS are a great pet treat which will keep your dog entertained for hours. A great alternative to a Rawhide boredom buster treat. A really vertsatile pet treat which can be made all the more fun by filling the tip of the hoof with something like Peanut Butter or mince or something yummy.....

Beef Micro Bones

BEEF MICRO BONES DENTAL DOG CHEWS are made with real Beef and are a semi-moist meaty dog treat. Shaped like a little bone and ideal for training and rewarding. Perfect for small to medium dogs. 100% Australian Made

Beef Dental Chewy Bones

BEEF DENTAL BONES DOG TREATS are a delicious semi-moist treat made with real Beef. Specifically shaped to help provide Dental Health to any sized puppy. Great for medium to large dogs these are chewy full of meaty flavour. Soft enough for those dogs which have sensitive gums yet hard enough to aid in gum and Teeth health. 100% Australian Made.


BEEF POP DOG LOLLY-POP DOG TREATS Wheat Free Gourmet Dog Treat. Beef Jerky decadently dipped in yogurt frosting just to make it go from tasting great to Awesome...... 100% Australian Beef and Australian made. No artificial Preservatives and low in fat. Ideal for any sized dogs and great for Boredom busting as they are chewy and delicious.


BEEF LIVER MERINGUES GOURMET DOG TREATS A delicious baked treat based on Beef Liver & Carob. Shaped in round smooth pieces, it is crunchy and tasty with a light texture, like a meringue. Excellent for those people who do not like handling meat. It is smooth to the touch and easy to have in a pocket or little bag ready for reward time. It is crunchy yet light with maximum flavour. 100% Australian made with no preservatives additives or sugar added.


LITTLE BEEF BITES DOG TRAINING TREAT Especially designed for training, with a light and easy one bite crunch that dogs keep coming back for.. Packed with lots of yummy Beef Liver and Carob. Also great for using in the boredom buster toys or treat toys. Low in fat - high in flavour - the dogs will love!! 100% Australian Made with NO Artificial Preservatives and REAL Beef Liver.


BROWNIE BEEF BITES DOG TREATS Based on Beef liver and Carob. These are a 3-5cm long cylinder shaped treat - they are crunchy and delicious!! You can use them as a training treat for large dogs or a great boredom treat for smaller dogs. Excellent for those people who do not like handling meat products. These are clean and easy to handle - and smell irresistible to dogs!! Does not emit any unsavoury odours. 100% Australian Made with NO Artificial Preservatives


BEEF TENDON DOG TREAT These are individually wrapped for yours, and your customers, convenience. As a Tendon, it is a super boredom busting treat ideal for large and medium dogs. It will take them ages to chew and eat. 100% Beef with no artificial preservatives and no bones.

Beef Crisp/Puff/Lung Dog Treat

BEEF LUNG/PUFF OR CRISP DOG TREAT as we call it is an awesome treat with high nutrition value and low fat. The flat Beef Puff/Crisp is really good for a training treat. You can break it into smaller pieces to suit the size of your dog, as opposed to the Beef Lung Cubes. It's also a soft treat so is great for your puppy teeth and gums and also older dogs with a softer mouth or teeth issues.

Large Beef Bone Dog Treat

LARGE BEEF BONE DOG TREAT is ideal for large dogs. Each Bone is Shrink Wrapped for ease of handling. Great for Dental Health in larger breeds.

Beef Ears Dog Treat

BEEF EARS DOG TREATS are a great alternative to pig ears. They are lower in fat and much kinder on the wallet as well. A really good Pet Treat for any sized dog and for any occasion.

BULL CHEW 15CM Dog Treat Dental Chew

BULL CHEW 15CM DOG TREAT is a great long lasting Dog Treat ideal for medium sized dogs. It comes in an easy to manage 15cm piece. Great for Boredom Busting as it takes a long time to consume. Very low in fat and great for dental health. A great Dog Treat and Dental Chew for any occasion

BULL CHEW 40 Dental Chew Dog Treat

BULL CHEW 40CM DOG TREAT is a long lasting chew ideal for Large dogs. Great for dental health and Boredom Busting as it takes a long time to consume, however it does not have any bones. Very Low in fat. A great Dog Treat for any occasion.

Beef Strap Dog Treat Dental Chew

BEEF STRAP DOG TREAT DENTAL CHEWS are 100% Australian Beef and very low in fat. They are a Pet Treat which will take a while to consumer. Hence perfect for boredom Busting. Great for small to medium sized dogs. Also great as a Dental Chew as it is good for gum health whilst not containing any bones.

Beef Lung Cubes Dog Treat

BEEF LUNG CUBES DOG TREATS are a great treats for any size and aged dog. They are soft and full of goodness whilst very low in fat. 100% Australian Dog Treat.


BEEF LIVER DOG TREATS are an awesome way to reward your pet whilst training them. Break it up into smaller pieces to suit the size of your dog. 100% Australian Beef Liver

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